Professional organizers do not exist to force you to part with beloved possessions, rather to help you decide whether and how to part with items that no longer serve you

Custom Storage Solutions

Functional, accessible systems for storing your treasured items

Paper Management

Let Chaos Theory Organizing help you eliminate unneeded paper, create a filing system for important papers, and create a system that helps you handle papers that need action

Move Unpacking

It's time to start your new life in beautiful Auburn/Opelika!  Spend less time getting unpacked and more time exploring. Chaos Theory Organizing is here to help you get your house in order.

Home Inventories

Speed up the claims process and maximize your claim payment after disaster or theft by maintaining a home inventory. Chaos Theory Organizing will catalog your belongings and create this important document for your files.

What is Chaos Theory and what does it have to do with organizing?

Chaos Theory, simply put, is the study of how nature creates order from chaos. 

Our homes and workspaces often need a little nudge to untangle the chaos. One small change in the right direction can amplify itself to greater effect. The same way our living and working spaces can become cluttered and unproductive slowly over time, they can become orderly with the right changes, and a professional organizer can provide a fresh perspective on your space.

Why hire a Professional Organizer?

We all have that closet we avoid opening unless we're hurriedly stashing something out of the way for company, that space on the kitchen counter where every piece of mail and random trinket land and results in important information being buried, that room we close off when visitors knock. That's life, not failure. Sometimes all we need is an outside professional with a fresh perspective to help us see what's important.  A professional organizer can help make the most of your space and teach you how to maintain it, and does it discreetly and without judgment.

What to expect when hiring a Professional Organizer

When you hire Chaos Theory Organizing, you can expect to receive personalized and expert assistance in organizing your home, office, or other spaces. While no two projects or clients are ever the same, CTO’s service follows a basic outline of events.


The first step is a consultation appointment. This meeting usually lasts about an hour. The organizer will work with you to assess your needs, discuss your goals and budget, and determine the scope of the project.  This is also an opportunity for the organizer and the client to “interview” each other.  To create the best possible outcome, it is very important that you feel comfortable with the professional you have invited into your space, and vice-versa. Not all organizers and clients are good fits for each other, and that’s okay. After we have determined that we can work with each other, we will schedule the first three hour work session.

Developing a plan:

Based on your goals, the CTO will create a customized plan to organize your space efficiently and effectively. This step may include a product recommendation list, depending on what the project is.


CTO will work with you to put the plan into action, which may involve sorting through items, purging unneeded items, and finding storage solutions. While your level of involvement is completely up to you, CTO strongly recommends your presence in the sorting and purging process.


Once your space has been organized, CTO offers ongoing support to help you maintain your new organizational system and prevent clutter from building up again.