Meet the organizer

Hi! I’m Tori. 

I am a Professional Organizer and owner of Chaos Theory Organizing. I help my clients tackle their clutter, optimize their spaces, and implement organizational systems that are both practical and sustainable. Decluttering and organizing my own living and working space has always brought satisfaction, so I decided I wanted to help other people who may not find as much joy in the process as I do to take charge of their own spaces. I absolutely love getting to know my clients personally – their needs, their routines, their values, what items they treasure most and why – in order to make their spaces work for them.

While there is no industry-wide training requirement for organizers, I chose to join National Organization of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), which has provided me with guidance and tools to navigate relationships with clients while being respectful of their privacy, individual needs, and circumstances. I hold certificates through NAPO as a Residential Organizing Specialist, a Life Transitions Specialist and a Brain-Based Conditions Specialist, and am working toward Certified Professional Organizer status.

I am a native of Columbus, MS, and a graduate of Mississippi State University. I have lived in Auburn since 2016 with my husband, daughter, and two cats.